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Simulate exposure to electromagnetic field

MithraREM is the reference software to know, understand and communicate with citizens on exposure to electromagnetic fields.

MithraREM is design to simulate, at city scale, electromagnetic fields of antennas (mobile, telephony, radio, TV, …) and gives dynamic visualization of these results.

MithraREM  is a CSTB-Geomod co-development.

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Advantages of MithraREM

  • Complete antennas setup
  • Simple creation of your model
  • Quality and precision of the simulations
  • Powerful and complete analysis tools
  • Compute where you want
  • Essential tool for diffusion and communication
  • Reference in EMF public exposure

Full setting of antennas

MithraREM is able to handle frequencies between 30 Mhz and 26 Ghz and includes:

  • Radio and television (Digital and Broadcast systems)
  • Mobile telephony 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G (GSM, UMTS, LTE, NR)
  • Wi-Fi

MithraREM calculates the impact caused by:

  • New antennas deployment
  • Modification of an existing site: new technology, news antennas power, electric tilt, modification, etc.

Easy creation of the model

With a simple and intuitive interface, create your model faster:

  • Convert your data in multiple formats from simple 2D model with extruded buildings to full 3D model with roofs.
  • Create automatically and quickly your project from SRTM and OpenStreetMap.

MithraREM is based on a GIS: Cadcorp SIS. The Geographical Information System (GIS) brings accessibility and interoperability through advanced design, editing, analysis and rendering features. A wide range of more than 160 formats are supported in both reading and writing, including SHP, MIF/MID, TAB, DXF, DWG, DGN, etc.

Quality and accuracy of simulations

MithraREM is the most accurate and efficient software dedicated to exposure of electromagnetic fields.

MithraREM uses powerful algorithms based on an adaptive beam propagation. A geometric motor determines all the 3D contributions of the antennas and a physical motor calculates these contributions for each frequency band and each antenna, taking into account the materials encountered.

MithraREM has several calculation methods:

  • Indoor methods estimate the field inside buildings, taking into account the attenuations as a function of the angle of incidence and materials.
  • Outdoor methods estimate the field outdoors (balconies, terraces, etc) and on the ground.

MithraREM is adapted to the legislation of countries. It allows to create maps according to the limits of the international regulation (ICNIRP), the ANFR guidelines (France) and the Belgian ordinances of the Brussels region.