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Simulate exposure to electromagnetic field

A CSTB-Geomod co-development MithraREM is a new module in the MithraSuite, software range, designed to simulate the propagation of electromagnetic waves on a city-wide scale. MithraREM stands out by its intuitive use, the high performance of its calculations, its dynamic visualization and results, its input/output communication capacity and the quality of the documents it produces.

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Advantages of MithraREM

  • High performance – developed based on ray tracing algorithms
  • Simple – the cross-sections and maps produced are easily readable, terrific vectors for consultations and powerful communication

MithraREM permits measurement of existing radio-electric emitters or future ones, and clearly demonstrates the populations affected. The cross-sections and maps generated are powerful public consultation and communication vectors They provide objective proof in public debates. MithraREM permits calculation of the impact of:

  • Additional antennae
  • Reductions in power
  • Modifications to orientation (tilt and azimuth).

MithraREM permits the diffusion of the maps produced in various forms, such as:

  • Export in slabs for web diffusion
  • Export in KMZ (compressed KML) for display in Google Earth™.
  • Export to real time virtual model browser software.
  • Export in PDF format, organised in overlays and permitting the querying of objects

MithraREM has as its main features:

  • Reflections on surfaces and diffraction on horizontal and vertical edges of buildings, with a taking into account of the materials encountered.
  • Definition of emission systems (GSM 900, GSM 1800, UMTS, WIFI, radar…) and materials.
  • Electromagnetic emitters organised in base stations, antennae supports, antenna (that can be grouped into base stations) and emitters.
  • Parameterization of antenna and associated emission systems (position, azimuth, mechanical tilt, electric tilt, model of antenna, PIRE, gain…).
  • Radiation diagram, horizontal and vertical cross-sections of the model of antenna.
  • Dynamic display of simulation results: section planes, specified receivers, horizontal maps, facade maps, iso-surface 3D maps.
  • Exploiting of SIG, providing a high level of interoperability with more than 160 plug-ins for reading / writing geographic data, query wizards, themes, page layout, etc.

MithraREM is intended for:

  • Technical Departments of Local Authorities responsible for the environment.
  • Administrations and State Departments responsible for the environment.
  • Mobile phone operators.
  • Measurement laboratories.
  • Specialised Design Study bureau.